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Mind Body Works

                   ABOUT OUR SERVICES

Mind Body Works (MBW) provides a variety of whole body and mind wellness oriented advanced practice nursing mental health care services, including counseling, evaluation, referral, medication management, and substance abuse treatment. This includes individual, family, and group counseling, mental health evaluations, prescription and management of psychiatric medications, reduction of psychotropic and sedating drugs, medication-assisted treatments, all of which can include prescription and management of a variety of health promoting nutrient, nutraceuticals, and other therapies, as well as evaluation of psychiatric and related body systems. Each provider is certified or licensed in their speciality area by the State Board of the resident being serviced.

Care is goal oriented and we exist to assist you in helping to define and achieve YOUR health goals.  We specialize in helping you use self-help, family, and community resources and will help you find other providers through referral as appropriate.

Cancelled and Missed Appointments

There is a severe shortage of psychiatric mental health care providers capable of delivering the comprehensive care described above.  When you make an appointment, that time is reserved exclusively for you which means others will be turned away. Therefore, if you can’t keep your appointment, we need you to give us as much notice as possible but at least 24 hours notice, so that we can make your appointment available to someone else. If you do not give us at least 24 hours notice, we charge you an No-24 hour notice that must be paid prior to the system allowing the scheduling of another appointment by or for you.


Please see the Fee Schedule below. Depending on a patient’s needs, service being provided, and provider availability, visits may range from 15 to 90 minutes. Group therapy visits may range from 30 to 60 minutes.  Intake visits may take from 30-90 minutes, while follow-up or consulatation visits typically range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Typical fees for services are shown in our fee schedule but note that patients may choose a flat fee rate of $5.00 per minute of service utilized..


In an immediate life or death situation call 911. If you are having a less severe psychiatric emergency involving feeling suicidal, at risk of hospitalization, or other serious symptoms please call the 24-hour Care Crisis Line 1 800-273-8255 to talk to someone immediately.

Group Therapy

Groups can sometimes serve as an excellent vehicle to deal with many issues as they can make the insights and support of others available. Groups may focus on a wide range of topics such as skills, interpersonal sharing and support, may be for a short or long-term and may be community based.

We do not mediate custody disputes, evaluate parental fitness, or provide independent custody evaluations. We do not get involved in legal disputes between parents for a variety of reasons. For one, custody evaluations are a forensic procedure requiring specialized training, and they are not covered by health insurance. Custody evaluators must be independent and cannot provide therapy to the families they are evaluating. Secondly, children may feel uncomfortable sharing feelings with a counselor if they worry that what they say will be used against one of the parents. Consequently, we only do treatment here. If legal services are required, we will be happy to refer you to practitioners who are experts in these fields.

We do provide counseling and medication to children and families experiencing difficulties with separation and divorce. We want to help children and parents stay mentally healthy.

Your Medical Record

Your medical record is maintained in a secure online electronic medical record called Practice Fusion.  You can access it through the Practice Fusion Patient Portal at

You can also email MBW through this patient portal, as well.


MBW interventions may involve prescription of a variety of treatments such as pharmaceuticals, nutrients, nutraceuticals, physical therapy or other evaluation and management.

In order to make the most out of your psychiatry visit, please complete your pre-visit screen and provide a list of your questions to concerns; Share your expectations and how we can help you; keep track of your symptoms and how they change. If you are starting a new medication and increasing the dosage, please be sure to discuss your response to the medication during the visit. If you have unexpected or intolerable side effects, email your provider immediately.

If you need to refill your medications, contact your pharmacy or send a request through the Practice Fusion Patient Portal at least 24–72 business hours in advance If you lose your prescription for a controlled substance it cannot be replaced.

Length of Treatment

Length of treatment will vary depending on your needs and desires.  In general, during the acute phase of illness, patients are often seen monthly. Once stable follow up care can be provided by your PCP because mental health care tends to be a short-term service.  Therefore, with your consent, we will refer your medication management back to your PCP as soon as it makes sense to do so which is usually after 2-3 months of stability.

Confidentiality and Your Health Record

All issues discussed in the course of therapy are strictly confidential.  Therefore, we will not disclose any information to others without your permission, or unless compelled to do so by law.

As noted above, we keep an electronic record of your health care called Practice Fusion. You may view your record at any time.  You may also ask to examine and copy your record by making a written request. You may ask us to correct your record. To provide you the best care, information about your visits will be available to your primary care doctor and other providers whose care you are currently under.

Parents and guardians have a right to see the records of their children under 13.  Therefore, no permission is required to talk parents or guardians about their children’s care.  Parents or guardians you may also sign up for access to their children’s records. Please be sensitive, however to the fact that too much parental or guardian involvement in care may hinder healing because  children sometimes may need to express their thoughts and feelings without worry that parents are guardians will have everything available to them.

In some states, teens 13 years and older have the same confidentiality rights as adults. This means that unless there is an imminent risk to self or others, the teen must give their permission for us to communicate with parents, guardians, teachers, etc. Many teens are very sensitive to what they view as an invasion of their privacy and are more likely to fully participate in therapy when they know it will be maintained.   Most teens will agree to parents/guardians being provided with a progress report and we try to keep parents informed about what is happening in their teens counseling.

Take Away Points

1.  Information about your medical treatment may be released to other persons only after a release of information has been signed by you or your legal guardian.

  2.  Legal guardian have the right to access and control the release of information for those under there legal charge.

3.  We are required by to report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable dependent adult.

4.  We are required by law to report to authorities if you present a danger to yourself or others.

5.   Unless you expressly request otherwise, we will disclose your health information to other providers and or family members as deemed appropriate

6.  We must release information in your health record when it is subpoenaed.

7.  Information provided by your spouse, family member, or significant other who attends a therapy session with you is not privileged or protected by law and may be released to others without their permission.

8.  If we think it may place you in imminent danger of harm, we will not release your information to you or others.


Pre-Visit Screens

At the beginning of each visit you will be asked to fill out a brief PHQ-9 or ACORN outcome questionnaire to help you and your provider see your progress and to improve our services.

If You Ever Have a Concern about your treatment or medical records, please let us know.

Mind Body Works  FEE SCHEDULE

Our typical fee schedule is shown below.  Note, however, that you can choose a flat $5.00 per minute plan in which you pay the $5.00 per minutes rate for whatever service you receive in lieu of the typical staggered rate based on the type of service received.

           Psychotherapy  Psychiatry  

           Initial Visit/ Intake   $400.00

           Follow-up Visit         $100.00

        All Patient Education, counseling visits, or Medication Checkback 15 minutes or less $100.00


        Forms or Letters        

        Completion of Forms, Letters, and Reports $25 if completion of a form, letter, or report is not requested at your visit.


        Missed Appointments        

        No 24-Hour Notice Missed Appointment Fees $50.00

        Payment Processing Fee

        All credit or debit card payments are assessed a $5.00 fee to cover our processing costs.