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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Provide?

Mind Body Works is a wellness-oriented telepsychiatric mental health practice serving Maryland and New York residents.  We specialize in substance use disorders--including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioids and cannabis addictions.  

We also provide 1) evaluations of eligibility for medical cannabis/marijuana, 2) pain management services, 3) management of drug over-sedation, 4) management of drug tolerance, 5) non-stimulant management of ADHD or ADD, and 6) general psychiatric care.

Do You Bill Insurance or Other Third-Parties For the Care You Provide?

No.  Third-party billing puts another individual between you and your health care provider. In paying the provider directly, the  third-party controls the care you can receive whether it is the best care for you or not.  

How Much Do Services Cost?

      Initial Consultations are $100    Comprehensive Intake Evaluations are $400    Follow-up Visits are $75

      Fee for  No 24-Hour Notice Missed Appointments $50.00


      Completion of Forms, Letters, and Reports other than Superbills is $25 -$100 depending on complexity

      Superbills are free.

  How Is Your Virtual Office Different From a Land-Based Office?

  A major difference between a virtual office and a land-based one is that in a virtual office, communication is electronically   based via web sites, secure email, secure texting, or interactive video.  Except for interactive visits, communication takes   place asynchronously but there is no being placed on hold or trying to navigate a slew of telephone menus.  In addition,   except for interactive video, patients have digital records of their communication with their providers.

  Another major difference is that patients must take their own vital signs for comprehensive intake and follow-up visits and   report them to the provider.   

  How Do I Get My Prescriptions?

  Prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, lab tests, and most nutraceuticals are done electronically.

  What About Physical Assessments, and Treatments Like Injections?

  Some parts of the physical assessment are done during the interactive video office visit.  Other body measures such as   weight, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, etc, are assessed through patient home   monitoring equipment.  Arrangements are made for how these get done on a case-by-case basis, depending on a

  variety of factors, including patient and caregiver capacity, the availability of home equipment and the availability

  of allied health services in the patient’s location.