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About Mind Body Works Telepsychiatry

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Mind Body Works Telepsychiatry is the name of NP Dr. Olivia Young’s wellness-oriented telepsychiatry practice.  Dr. Young is a board and X-DEA certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) with over thirty years of nursing experience and six years of experience as a PMHNP. Her registered nursing experience includes about five years of clinical and addictions research work. In addition, her PMHNP training included two extra semesters of addictions’ practicum in a private behavioral health hospital that provided comprehensive addictions services (inpatient detox and rehabilitation as well as outpatient MAT treatment).  

Since graduation, Dr. Young has mostly worked locum tenens while managing her small private telepsychiatry practice.  Her locum tenens experience has been acquired in a variety of states and clinical settings.  The settings include inpatient, outpatient, and telepsychiatry, as well as crisis and court-ordered treatment settings. The locums work also includes outpatient methadone treatment and inpatient detox treatment both of which relied mostly on COWS for dosing Subutex or Suboxone for symptom relief.  Depending on facility protocols, non-opioid treatments are sometimes used for symptom relief.  She has serviced about two-hundred outpatient and inpatient addictions clients in this manner and about three-hundred general psychiatry patients.  

About 80% of her PMHNP experience has been with clients 17 years of age or older. About 65% of those clients had diagnosed co-occurring addictions and other mental health disorders.

Verification of Dr. Young’s credentials can be found on the American Psychiatric Nursing Association’s webpage at

and the American Psychology Association’s Find-A-Therapist webpage at

Practice Philosophy, Approach To Care, and What it Means

Psychiatry is the mental health specialty that is primarily concerned with the body’s neurotransmitter balance. This is because an individual’s functionality, mood, mental performance, and behavior—including cravings and addictions—all depend on neurotransmitters.  Moreover, many diseases and illnesses are caused by disruptions of neurotransmitter balance.  Thus, restoration of neurotransmitter imbalances can lead to restored mental and physical health, functionality, and whole body healing.

In keeping with the Nightingale tradition of "putting the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him," we provide patient-centered, harm reduction, optimized-wellness focused care.  As such, patients may choose the approach to care they wish to receive:

1) Conventional psychiatric treatment that relies on pharmaceutical drugs to restore functionality, mood, mental performance and behavior by minimizing or eliminating symptoms,

2) Holistic/functional psychiatric care which relies on nutraceuticals to restore neurotransmitter balance by eliminating the cause of symptoms, and support healing in order to restore functionality, mood, mental performance and behavior, 3) A combination of conventional (pharmaceutical) and holistic /functional (nutraceuticals) as feasible.

In all cases, however, treatment modalities are chosen to maximize patient comfort, functionality, healing, and longevity, based on history, clinical presentation, and other evidence.  Psychotherapy and referrals for counseling or other treatments are also utilized as indicated.

In all cases:
Treatment modalities are chosen to maximize patient comfort, functionality, healing, and longevity, based on history, clinical presentation, and other evidence.

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Our Mission?

To support you in caring for your body’s health holistically but referring you for other care as needed.