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Medical Cannabis 101

Patient Education Videos

A.  About Cannabis the Plant 2 videos by Dr. Saleema Bhaidani BSc, BScPhm, PharmD, RPh   

Hey Pharmacist’s Cannabis 101: Part 1 (5:16)

   Hey Pharmacist’s Cannabis 101: Part 2 (4:39)


B.  How Cannabis is Consumed

Leafly’s Cannabis 101: Consumption-Delivery Methods (4:32)

C.  Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana.  (5:35) By Jocelyn Maminta 11/20/2018  


D.  Medical Marijuana Side Effects And What To Do

   Understanding and mitigating the side-effects of medical cannabis - Dr. Dustin Sulak



      How Does Marijuana Affect You? webmd


E.  Medical Marijuana Interactions with Prescription Drug

      Cannabis and Prescription Drug Interactions



      Marijuana and Medication (Drug) Interactions (7:38) - Dr. Rachna Patel  6/6/2017